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Graphic Design & Art Direction

Mariana Lobão (1991) is an art director, graphic designer and researcher based in the Netherlands.

Contact marianalobao@berlin.com | +31683395948

Selected Works

Facsimile of Bernard Rudofsky's essay 'Are Clothes Modern?' originally published in 1947 following the exhibition at the MoMA (1944-1945) of the same title. From the original found here.

Graphic Design for the Dutch edition of the french fashion magazines, Numéro and Numéro Homme. Print, 230x300mm. Art Direction by Yaël Temminck.

A publication commissioned by Sjoerd ter Borg celebrating the state of an abandoned soap factory in Toronto, Canada, before its refurbishment. The content is a juxtaposition of a short fiction story by Andrew F. Sullivan and a series of photographs by Benjamin Freedman, inspired by a visit to the site. Print: Offset Black w/ Holographic Foil Finish (front), Offset CMYK (verso). Size: 210 x 297mm. Edition of 500. Developed at Ponto with Eurico Sá Fernandes.

(G)HOST is a site-specific intervention at the Sitterwerk Library (St. Gallen, CH). Raspberry Pi, Website and PDF template. Programming by Eurico Sá Fernandes.

'The Best of Mr. Chao - A Futurologist Collection' is a photobook with the work of Guilherme Gerais. The book doubles as an archive and database of the images as interpreted by an image recognition bot. More info about the project here.247 x 350 mm. Offset print. Edition of 200.

Website with a self-reflexive essay on the meaning of 'home' and its relation to ecology give their shared etymological origins.

Handout for Eurico Sá Fernandes' multi-media installation ‘Organic Encryption 3.0’. Print: Risoprint. Size: 210 x 297 mm.

Website for Galeria Duarte Sequeira, a contemporary art gallery based in Braga, Portugal. Graphic Identity developed by Tiago Carneiro. Web developing by Eurico Sá Fernandes.

Essay «Why Would You Want a Camel Toe On Your Foot?» pairing Ceramic Tray recreating the footprint of the Martin Margiela ‘Tabi’ boot. The ceramic piece and the essay form a feedback loop with the intention to reflect on the implications of fashion as a mediating technology between body and environment. The ceramic editions are numbered using the very identifiable Margiela’s branding as a numbering system. (Ceramic Tray) Size: 150 x 290 mm approx. Edition of 24. (Essay) Print: Risograph black on Cyclus Paper 120gsm. Size (folded): 197 x 285 mm. Size (open): 420 x 594 mm. Edition of 50.

Website design for the new Masters of Fashion programme at ArtEZ, University of the Arts. The website works as a platform between the internal day-to-day operations of the programme and the world at large. Focusing on values of knowledge fostering and sharing, the website is meant to be used as a tool for reflection and dissemination.

An online campaign to promote the 2017 Artangel open call for submissions, titles Artangel Everywhere. Video/3D in collaboration with Tom Kemp. Developed at Ponto with Eurico Sá Fernandes.

Portfolio website for graphic designer Tiago Carneiro. Developed at Ponto with Eurico Sá Fernandes.

Poster and set-up for the exhibition Infantile Access by Rachel-rose O'Leary hosted by Liquid Gallery – an exhibition project presenting artists' showcases accessible trough a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). By making use of a WLAN, the exhibition space exceeds real estate, air and subsurface rights limitations. Developed at Ponto with Eurico Sá Fernandes.

Thought Experiments in Graphic Design Education documents an international mix of experimental, reflexive and speculative projects that question how and why graphic design is studied and practiced. We took part in content-making in the form of articles and interviews and designed the present publication. Published by booksfromthefuture in 2013. Developed at Ponto with Eurico Sá Fernandes.

Interactive pack of cards that invite the user to experience the 2015 Serpentine Pavilion, designed by selgascano. The pack of 10 cards includes tips and movements choreographed by Nefeli Skarmea. Lithograph, 150x210mm.

Portfolio with wider selection of works available on request.

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Serpentine Galleries, 89plus, Royal Academy of Art, Artangel, ArtEZ, Booksfromthefuture, The Composing Rooms, Bedford Creative Arts, Galeria Duarte Sequeira, ArtEZ, Dirty Art Department (Sandberg Instituut), VICE, Neptun Magazine, Delfina Showroom, John Walter, Natalie B. Coleman, Sjoerd ter Borg, Amber Rowlands, Scawfell Studios, Pedro da Costa Felgueiras (Saudade Shop), Guilherme Gerais, Tiago Carneiro, Ailara Berdyyeva, and more.


MA Fine Art & Design, Werkplaats Typografie (Arnhem, 2019)
BA Design for Graphic Communication, LCC (London, 2013)
Communication Design Pathway, Soares dos Reis School of Arts (Porto, 2009)


Sleek Mag, ICA Bulletin, Thought Experiments in Graphic Design Education, Étapes Magazine Nr. 216, It’s Nice That, BranD Magazine: The Typography Issue, Selected D, Basic Cover, Crap is Good, Brutalist Websites, Hover States, Delicate Vacuum

Workshops & Lectures

2014 Bath School of Art & Design, Talk (UK)
2013 AttRAct at Royal Academy of Arts, Workshop (UK)
2013 Design for Graphic Communication, LCC, Workshop (UK)
2012 ENED, Talk (PT)

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Photo Credits: One Wound Feeds Another by Sjoerd Knibbeler. Selgascano Serpentine Pavilion by Iwan Baan.